Importance of Online Surveys to A Business

A survey is a research method used for gathering data from a targeted group of respondents to assist a researcher to acquire useful information and insights into various topics of interest.

A researcher can conduct a survey for various purposes and in different ways depending on the approach chosen and the purposes of the survey.

To avoid biased opinions on the research study, standardized procedures are put in place to ensure that each respondent can answer the questions at a level playing field. This is achieved by requesting a targeted group to provide information through an online or physical questionnaire.

Information Technology is widespread in the 21st century and for this reason, there is a high likelihood that the questionnaires would be distributed using digital media i.e. social media, emails, etc.

In this article, we shall focus more on online surveys. In simple terms, a manual survey is done manually in-person studies, Tradeshow surveys, shopping malls, via telephone, etc.

Definition of online survey

An online survey is a set of specific and controlled questions that the intended respondent completes by use of technology over the internet by filling out a form of the questioner. This kind of survey is cheaper, less time-consuming as compared to manual surveys that require gathering information through one on one interactions. The data collected from online surveys is stored in a database for evaluation by an expert in the field.

Advantages of online surveys

  1. Ease of participation

A customer is able to give inputs about a specific product or service as online surveys offer a much simpler and faster way to complete each selected survey.

2. Influencing the product development

Companies target a certain profile of consumers for their intended product or service and this gives consumers a chance to influence the way manufacturers to create their products through taking and participating in surveys.

3. Low cost

Online survey costs are significantly lower. Most companies offer monthly subscription fees that are very low and affordable for small businesses. The responses and summary results of the survey can be viewed online immediately and in real-time therefore savings in terms of time and investment.

In conclusion, small and medium businesses can also choose to consider online surveys in order to understand their customer requirements as well as satisfaction levels.

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