Royce Technologies Limited offers solutions to everyday business needs. In order to find useful insights on what customers really want and what you can offer as a business, it is important to consider customer feedback.

Customer feedback helps a business understand the behavior behind what people are doing and why and this way the business can focus on knowing what the customer needs and wants, how customer needs keep changing over time, fixing problems and going after the right opportunities.

Listed below are 5 different methods to collect customer feedback from your customers: –

  1. Surveys
  2. Feedback boxes
  3. Reach out directly to customers
  4. User activity
  5. Usability Tests
  • Long Surveys

The use of Surveys is the key to getting feedback in any kind of business venture. Surveys are easy to set up, send out, analyze, and scale as the business progresses.  

It is a common misconception that the longer the survey the more accurate the feedback is; this is most likely not the case and one might end up with poor results.

Customers find it tedious and time-consuming to fill out very long surveys and most often rush to finish rather than give their honest opinions, can u blame though, who wants to take up all their time answering too many questions?

To ensure you get useful customer feedback from your surveys here’s something to keep in mind.

Keep it short.  If you are looking to get meaningful answers from customers, it is important that we restrict ourselves to ask a few key questions. If possible keep your surveys to a minimum of 5 questions and a maximum of 10 questions.

Ask questions that you will use only. Every question should serve a purpose or be of importance of how to improve your day-to-day business. If you don’t use the information you are asking for, you end up wasting your customer’s time and yours as well.

It is wise to save time by only having important and necessary questions that would in turn give better responses.

Start with open-ended questions. The use of open-ended questions in your surveys does not limit your customers in expressing their views and opinions, this way you will be able to find out their honest views and assumptions, unlike when one builds a survey of rating scales and multiple-choice questions, one ends up restricting answers to one’s own assumption or choices.

  • Short Surveys on Your Site

Most if not all online sites tend to keep popping up survey questions onto customers visiting the site. It is, however, recommended to feature one or two survey questions on your site with relevance to the page that is being displayed.

There are website applications that allow one to build the question, pick the page you want to display the question on and sort through the responses in real-time.

The secret to having good customer feedback is asking precise or straight-to-the-point questions to guarantee straightforward responses. If you ask vague questions, you’ll get vague answers.

It is important to note that surveys should be used as a starting point to enable the business to point out the direction it intends to follow, collect feedback on a single feature within the entire report that needs improvement. Surveys should not be used exclusively for one may never get a chance to understand the deeper reasons behind the responses you receive from customers or targeted audience.


A business should consider having a structured process for receiving feedback from its customers. The importance of having this is that customers are able to communicate their views and suggestions that would enable your business to do better.

In most instances a site will have the option of having a support team to cater for customer quarries and support, however, customers will not reach out for support regarding minor issues hence customers will leave the site frustrated.

A case in point may be that pages are loading slowly or unavailable or the site may be displaying a 404 error response. Most customers would not present these issues to the support team. When such minor issues pop up too often, customers will start sourcing for better solutions.

A simpler way of ensuring that customers can tell you about the simple issues and their experiences are by use of a feedback form. This can be made available at the bottom of every page of our product.

The whole purpose of the feedback form is to make it available as soon as someone needs it and really easy for customers to give feedback when something isn’t working right. It can be configured to collect information like the account name, the URL, and the browser version to ensure that the problem can be recreated to determine exactly how to fix the issues.

The whole point of a feedback box is to get feedback from users about small issues with the site. What is of importance is that the feedback box is made as simple and easy to use as possible.

How to respond to customer feedback?

It is only proper that feedback gets responded to, when one creates such a culture then customers can feel at ease to bring forth more feedback in the future. Have one or two members of your team assigned the responsibility of replying to each piece of feedback within a day. Preferably, send responses within 24 hours.

Here are some great ideas of how to reply: –

  1. If a user is asking for a feature that you’re about to release, offer to give them early access in return for more feedback from them.
  2. For bugs and tech issues, connect them directly to your support engineers.
  3. Ask for a more detailed description of what they were trying to accomplish (this will help you build the right solution).
  4. Give them step-by-step directions on how to use a different feature in your product to achieve the same results.


It is said that if you want to understand someone then you should talk to them. This is one of the most effective methods of getting customer feedback but it’s also one of the most unappreciated.

There are many cases in scenarios of how reaching out to customers directly is more suitable than other forms i.e. email, surveys, etc. this is because a one on one conversation will provide more appropriate or accurate information compared to other forms, therefore, enabling you to sort out the real issues or problems.

You are guaranteed to get key bonus points against competitors if this is incorporated as a frequent routine.


The use of analytics based on a user’s activity while on a site can be used to determine which features and which sections of the site are people actually using and how often.

Most analytics products available in the market don’t tell us what individual people are doing. This is because they were built to track websites as a whole, not your customers.

But when you use customer analytics, you’ll be able to see the activity of individual customers once they visit your site. This is important because one can easily identify the activity of individual customers and the reason why certain outcomes occur.


The cost of having a usability test conducted has become very reasonable, unlike the recent past where you were required to have a research firm. This enables one to identify some of the biggest problems right away and increase the rate at which one acquires new customers.

That kind of information to a business or company is priceless for it provides unbiased feedback or review that reflects on your website or product.

When to Make Changes Based on Feedback

Using all the above methods will give you all sorts of feedback, which is overwhelming. Between the feedback emails, surveys, and user tests, you’ll have far more ideas than you could ever act on at the same time due to limited resources.

And even if you did have an unlimited amount of time and money to respond to every piece of feedback, it is not advisable to do so since acting on every feedback will get in the way of the rest of your customers and prioritizing which and which would also consume a lot of time and effort.

It is however important to filter through feedback and watch out for new trends in the market that can be acted upon once identified reach out to these people, get a deep understanding of what they’re trying to do, and then build something that will make it happen.

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