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Bulk SMS can be referred to as sending an SMS/MMS message to multiple end-users at the same time, Royce Technologies Limited offers a simple, affordable and dependable bulk SMS service for small and medium-sized businesses.

There is a huge importance of bulk SMS as a marketing strategy and currently, the use of mobile phones has become the most popular medium for sending information and reaching out to a maximum number of people at the same time.

SMS is a very useful, effective and convenient method of connecting to individuals or businesses. Marketing of products through cold calling or verbal communication is very difficult, there is no assurance of whether it is the right time to make a call, or whether or not the person is available for a face-to-face conversation. For this reason, marketing people prefer SMS marketing for product promotion because it provides your intended audience with the will to read your message at their own convenience.

Royce SMS Marketing Tips for Growing Your Business: –

  1. Bulk SMS

A huge percentage of individuals own or can easily access a mobile phone, apart from calling and Internet use, the phone is widely used to send and receive information via SMS (Short Message Service).

Advantages of SMS include: –

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Allows you to gather feedback from your target market

2. Identifying the Right Target Market

It is important for every small, medium or large business to conduct research that seeks to establish the business target market. It is crucial to understand what group (age, gender) suits your products and services.

SMS marketing allows direct influence over the target market unlike other mass media platforms i.e. radio, television and newspaper. SMS marketing allows the business to save on marketing costs and helps the business hold meaningful conversations with potential customers.

Choose the best in the world of SMS Gateway with the special features of Royce bulk SMS, for personalized services you can reach out to us on +254 747 727937.

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