Royce Technologies Limited

Royce Technologies is a reputable and transparent company that follows all applicable laws and industry standards, as we aim to deliver on promises made to our clients.

Royce Technologies headquarter is in Nairobi Kenya and is comprised of two products namely:-

  1. Royce Survey
  2. Royce Bulk SMS

Royce Survey

Learn more about potential and existing customers

Better understand your consumers

Survey your target market to better understand their behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes.

Measure brand awareness and sentiment

Find out what people think about your brand and discover new growth opportunities.

Better connect with customers

Use feedback to tailor your communications, website experience, and campaigns.

Get feedback from the following channels FB messenger, Telegram, Slack and via web

Royce Bulk SMS

With our modern text marketing platform and features, Bulk SMS is one of the most affordable and practical ways to reach a large audience. SMS texts are significantly more likely to get opened than email messages.

We are a Bulk SMS Platform for sending SMS Payment Reminders, SMS Marketing Campaigns and Group Messages in Kenya. If SMS Messaging is a critical part of your Business you can rest easy with Royce Technologies.

Easily integrate bulk sms into your system via easy to use API or our packages

  1. Odoo module
  2. Laravel package

Contact Us

Vision Plaza, Mombasa Road

[email protected]

+(254) 739 827 657

+(254) 747 727 937